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The Continuing Professional Development Division of ASEE is blessed with many diverse members from business, industry, government and academic institutions around the world. Groups have been formed in five areas based on member interest:  Administration, Delivery, Faculty, Industry and International.

SIG – Chair – (Mark Schuver – Purdue University)
Serves as the main point of communication among the SIGs and between the CPDD Executive Board and the SIG Team Leaders; provides information to the membership about SIGs, chiefly through the Newsletter.

SIG – Administration Group Leader – (Mitch Springer – Purdue University)
Members who are involved with the administrative aspects of development /delivery of credit and non-credit courses in science, technology, engineering and math fields.           

SIG – Delivery Group Leader – (Ron Fitch – University of Minnesota)
Members from education and industry interested in the technical issues associated with the development and delivery of distributed/distance learning programs.

SIG – Faculty Group Leader – (Doug Ernie – University of Minnesota)
Members interested in the issues relative to the education and training of engineering and technology professionals through continuing engineering education programs with emphasis on andragogical learning strategies, course development and other issues related to the education of adult learners.

SIG – Industry Group Leader – (Lynda Coulson – Rolls-Royce Corp.)
Members of business and industry, who are responsible for the analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation of training and development programs for science, technology, engineering and math related occupations.

SIG – International Group Leader – (Candace House Teixeira – University of Southern California)
Members for education and industry who are interested in the unique aspects of delivering training and education in science, technology, engineering and math related occupations in the international arena.

SIG – Marketing Group Leader – (Meghan Balding – University of Southern California)

Members interested in all aspects of marketing relative to the creation and delivery of all educational products targeted for adult learners.

Please contact:

Mark Schuver
Associate Director
Center for Professional Studies in Technology and Applied Research (ProSTAR)
Purdue University – College of Technology
Office: ENAD 108
400 Centennial Mall Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2016
Email: mschuver@purdue.edu
Website: www.tech.purdue.edu/prostar
Office: 765-496-2094
Cell: 765-404-3550