Joseph M. Biedenbach Distinguished Service Award 2014

nelson-baker110Dr. Nelson Baker
Georgia Institute of Technology

Dr. Nelson Baker, Dean, Georgia Tech Professional Education,  has a long history as a member of national and international boards in the field of continuing engineering education and continuing education. He has served as President for the International Association for Continuing Engineering Education (IACEE), an organization launched by members of CPD who saw a need for an internationally-focused entity. In this role, he has provided leadership and vision for the organization including the re-location of the association to Georgia Tech.

“Getting things done” is one of Nelson’s strengths and his legacy to the continuing professional development of engineers. Examples include leading the state of Georgia’s initiative to rewrite the State Continuing Education Policy and Operations Manual that provides for consistent certification across the state and an articulation process for certificates and led the effort to reorganize the Georgia Tech professional education unit and the association of the Georgia Tech Savannah campus as part of these efforts having the entire campus mission be devoted to adult learning and professional development. Most recently, he is the co-partner on the Georgia Tech campus around the $7,000 MS degree program.

His talent has been recognized by many organizations. Among them are receiving the Outstanding Innovative Use of Education Technology Award at Georgia Tech. He has received numerous outstanding faculty member awards. CIEC has recognized his contributions by naming him best session and best moderator on multiple occasions.

His warmth and friendly demeanor has allowed newcomers to the field to believe they have a role to play in starting their contributions to the field of continuing professional development of engineers.

Nelson’s contributions thru IACEE, his sessions at CIEC, and his mentoring of new division members, as did Joe Biedenbach, has inspired us!