CIEC Presentations

ciec20132013 CIEC Presentations

314 Cross Cultural Learning- Bray, Gredlics & Chakrabarti
324 Continuing Prof Develop – Soeiro
334a Multiple Delivery Formats – Arkusz
334b Developing Conv & Flex Programs – Heredia & Wolsey
434 Strategies for Effective Virtual Collaboration-Jewell, Brumm, Keeling
444 Compensation Models – Springer & Schuver
454b Meeting Technology Needs – Ronning
524 From a Failed Course Chakrabarti & Curry
534 Adjunct Faculty – Schuver & Springer

2012 CIEC Presentations

343-Early Career Leadership Training Program Structure with Test
344-Industry Academia Partnership – KU

444-Optimizing Group Projects for Online – UWM

341-Synergistic Effects Retired Workers – rev g
344-Industry Academia Partnership – KU
442-Financial Model for a Non-Credit Program – KU
445-Adding Value CIEC 2012

2011 CIEC Presentations

243_CPD_Role of Corp Partnerships_Morton
242_CPD_Global Work Teams_Schuver
341_CPD_Growing PD in Academia at Purdue_Springer

543_CPD_1_JHU Model_Elliott
543_CPD_2_GA Tech Rich Media_Wright
543_CPD_3_UMD DE Tech and Services_Ronning
543_CPD_4_USC DEN Prgms_House
543_CPD_5_UW Online Tools_Pferdehirt

312_ CIEC_Engineering Opportunities for K-12_Morrison
312_CIEC_Why K-12 STEM Education_Solomon

342_CPD_Distance Delivery at Auburn_Ruff
433_CPD_Multi-Gen DL Programs at UF_Dickrell
442-Financial Model for a Non-Credit Program – KU

542_CPD_DAETE Project_Scalzo