Joseph M. Biedenbach Distinguished Service Award 2016

kim-largeKIM A. SCALZO

Kim has a long history as a member of national and international boards in the field of continuing engineering education and continuing education. Kim has served as CPD Division chair, CPD CIEC program chair, and SIG chair.

She has worked with the International Association for Continuing Engineering Education (IACEE), an organization launched by members of CPD who saw a need for an internationally-focused entity. Her service to IACEE includes many volunteer and elected positions, including currently serving as president.

As CPD Chair, it was Kim who started a strategic planning process for the division. She also started CPD Commons, our web site’s social media modeled after SUNY’s Commons.

Kim has a “talent for working with people,” one of the criteria for this award. It is one of Kim’s strengths and her legacy to the continuing professional development of engineers.

Examples include the development of the DAETE booklet and new board member orientation. Her talent for working with people is further exemplified by her increasing responsibilities in IACEE and in CPD over the years.

Her warmth and laughter has allowed newcomers to the field to believe they have a role to play in starting their contributions to the field of continuing professional development of engineers.

As a colleague noted, “Kim is a natural leader and tireless worker in the spirit of all the greats in our division’s history.” The division would be remiss if they did not recognize Kim for this award for she, as did Joe Biedenbach, has inspired us!